Cool Link Building Idea Involving A Dinosaur & Some Hats

Today something happened to an unfortunate fashion magazine brand which had me and my colleague in fits of giggles in the office. I am talking about the hacking of Vogue UK’s website and how, by entering a “code”, a fashion-concious dinosaur would pop up and shoot across the page!

Vogue UK gets hacked with fashion dinosaurs!

Here’s the cheeky fella!

While you still can, try it yourself. Simply…

  1. Go to www.vogue.co.uk
  2. Type in: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a
  3. Giggle uncontrollably!

“50% of the time, it works every time!” …see how many different hats you can get!

But seriously, the reason for this post is that it spawned a creative link building idea. You see a few lines up, what’s that? A link? And you know how I discovered this? Another link. Chances are, despite a few red faces, Vogue have done very well out of this from an SEO point of view as there is loads of chatter on social media and loads of links flying around – and it didn’t cost them a penny.

Now suppose you want a piece of that action. All you have to do is think of and implement a comical “hack” (like the fashionable Velociraptor showing off a range of hats above), leak news of this “discovery” to a few influential blogs and the interwebs will do the rest! Of course there are things to consider like what impact it would have on customers’ trust in the security of the site (which could be potentially harmful for e-commerce sites or data-grabbing platforms) so be careful.

Have fun!

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