Why should you bit on your brand name in Google Adwords (PPC)

Bidding On Your Brand Name: One Of The Safest ROIs in Digital Marketing

Updated: 08/06/2015

There is a question that is raised time and time again online; “If we are ranking #1 for our brand organically, why should be pay for ads as well?”. Common sense kicks into play and businesses wonder why they should pay for traffic they would invariably get anyway.

Well here are 8 (overlooked) reasons why savvy marketers do just that. Big thanks to PPC Superstar Paul Jackson for his insights and ideas on this one!

1. Choose Your Landing Page.

Generally speaking when someone searches for your brand in a search engine, the first result they see will be the homepage as it often has the most authority. However, in some cases you might want to direct them to an alternate page – perhaps you have a sale on, perhaps you want to convey strong brand messaging, perhaps your homepage isn’t optimised for conversion, perhaps…well there could be loads of reasons. The point is, with PPC ads you have more flexibility on where you send visitors.

2. Control Your SERP Message.

Your organic SERP listing is usually controlled by your meta tags (in some cases Google will even change how your listing shows depending on the query). This means you are held between a rock and a hard place while you balance SEO with optimising CTR. With a paid ad you can control EXACTLY how your snippet shows with edited ads will showing the changes instantly – no waiting around to get re-indexed!

3. Rich Content.

Google Adwords now allows the advertiser to show rich content in their ads such as configurable sitelinks, product listings and even maps. This is easy to implement and produces an eye-catching snippet and projects a professional image.

4. Ward Off Competitors.

Sometimes competitors will bid on your brand terms with a compelling ad in an effort to steal traffic that should rightfully be yours. This ad will push down your organic listing making you less visible. By bidding on your own brand terms you can avoid this risk.

If you are interested in turning the tides and bidding on competitors’ brand names, this guide by Ted Ives is very helpful.

5. Cheap Bid Prices.

Brand terms are often cheap thanks to the lack of outside bids. Better still, your super website relevancy helps improve your quality score which keeps your bid prices low – this can’t be said for competitors trying to muscle in!

6. Always Have The Top Result.

Many people do not realise the difference between sponsored and organic results yet they are still most likely to click on the first result. Can you afford to not own the top result, be it organic or ad?

7. SERP Real Estate

Considering that many people interact with those results that are above the fold, owning as much of it as possible with ads, social profiles and other owned/earned media is a great way of ensuring maximum visitor capture. Using ads to take up extra above-the-fold space is especially useful if there are negative reviews or coverage about your brand.

8. “1 + 1 = 3”

There have been numerous experiments that positively prove that having both organic and paid listings result in more clicks to your brand. There is definitely evidence to suggest that the product of the two disciplines is greater than the sum of the individual parts. There seems to be an intuitive notion among searchers that a brand with several listings on the first page is more authoritative and a Google study in 2011 concluded that “paid search ads give you a 89% incremental lift in site visitors, above and beyond traffic you would normally expect from your organic listings”. 


So you see, for the minimal click spend there are several advantages to bidding on your own brand terms and ousting the competition. If you don’t believe me, I’ll leave you with some top brands doing just that…






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