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50 Things To Do On Google+ Right Now (Part 2)

For the first 25 Google Plus tips in this series, please click here.

26. Learn How To Edit Posts

27. Browse Link Thumbnails

28. Start Building Your Author Rank

29. Connect Your Content To Google+

30. Curate Your Google+ Experience

31. Use Eye-Grabbing Headlines

32. Use Google Drive With Google+

33. Track Circle Shares With CircleCount

34. Be Awesome With AutoAwesome!

35. Build Your Following By Hanging Out

36. Difficulties With Plus-Mentioning

37. Write Posts People Look For

38. Take Google+ Learnings to Twitter

39. Use Images Appropriately & Legally

40. Schedule Posts With +Do Share

41. Build Communities Around Passions

42. Optimise A Profile/Page/Community

43. Share Beyond Circles & Google+

44. Blocking & Muting People

45. Extend The Life Of Posts

46. Merge Google+ Profiles

47. Use the About Tab Effectively

48. Multiple Photos Per Post

49. Use Google+…Every Day!

50. What NOT To Do On Google+ (Part 2)

My friends at +CircleCount (opens in new window) have made me this cool animated graph (below) showing the growing engagement on my #googleplus50 posts! Did you know you can also get your own for your posts? Head over to their site to sign up get your “Reactions” as well as many other cool data on your Goolge+ activity – seriously I’d be lost without this tool (you can quote me on that!).

[Disclaimer] I am not affiliated with CircleCount in any way or getting paid to big them up – they are just seriously cool guys with a great product that you should take advantage of now!

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