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Google 2013 I/O Summit (Take-Aways & Updates)

On the 15th May 2013, Google held its annual I/O ’13 summit in which a number of changes to Google+ and products were announced. Here is a quick round up of what you can expect…

As of 15th May, 41 new features and enhancements are being rolled out concerning three main areas; The content stream, Hangouts and photos.


  • Automatic new¬†multi-column design, although you can revert back to the original design if you want to
  • Images and video can span multiple columns
  • Number of columns automatically adjusts with the width of your browser
  • Posts are now referred to as ‘cards’
  • Main menu and status field swipes in and out
  • As well as manual hash tags, Google will automatically scan content for appropriate hash tags (impressively, this includes images!). Automatic hash tags can be removed
  • When hash tag is clicked, card will flip revealing related content


  • Flip over pictures to reveal other images under the same hash tags (users can opt out of this feature at upload stage)
  • 15GB free storage for full-size images and unlimited storage for standard resolution images
  • Auto-Highlight feature automatically detects you best photos (e.g. downgrades blurry and duplicates) and puts them at the fore-front
  • Auto-Enhance uses smart editing to make your pictures the best they can be


  • Hangouts is now available on iOS, Android and Chrome as stand-alone apps and all integrate seemlessly across all devices
  • Hangouts replaces older Google messaging services such as Gmail chat

In addition to these, Google also announced several other interesting things:

  • Currently only available in the US, Google Play Music All Access allows you to stream unlimited music for $9.99 (with free 30 day trial)
  • ¬†Google Maps iPad App coming soon. Includes suggestion engine recommending relevant places nearby, traffic incident reporting and re-routing
  • Google Knowledge Graph is getting increasingly awesome and powerful with your next questions and answers anticipated
  • Conversational search means Google is getting better at answering queries that you might casually ask a friend
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