The Greatest E-Commerce Blog Post Ever?

For the next 50 days I will be posting an idea for you to try out/consider on your site. These will be posted over on my Google+ page.

This post is the product of 5+ years working on the SEO and conversion optimisation of numerous online retail sites. They are designed to make you stand out from your competitors and become memorable. Not every tip will work for your business but hopefully they will get your brain juices flowing for ideas of your own!

1. Sprinkle a Little 2014 Into Your Customer Service


2. Give Key Referral Sources The Special Treatment

3. Forward Planning for Discontinued Products & Out-Of-Stock Issues


4. Think How Additional Sales Channels Can Help You Beyond Just the Sale

5. Making You Order Completion Page Work Hard For You


6. Make EVERY Product Resonate With The Shopper

7. Cultivate Physical Assets Into Linkable Assets


8. You Can Always Differentiate Something – Use That Something To Sell More

9. Reduce Friction In Product Discovery To Sell More


10. Design For Mobile First, Desktop Second

11. Go Beyond Uninspiring FAQs To Alleviate Anxiety

12. Make Sure Customers Leave With Something – Even If They Don’t Buy


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