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Semalt, ilovevitaly, – What Is All This Referral Traffic?

eliminate referral traffic from spam bots

Seen a spike in referral traffic or an influx from unusual places like Russia? Site engagement figures a little out of whack? Chances are you’re suffering from what many of us are – pesky little referral spam bots! In this

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Setting Up Google Analytics? 8 Important Actions For Better Ecommerce Reporting

setting up Google Analytics

Ah, Google Analytics. THE most important tool for any website, blog and most importantly, e-commerce stores. It baffles me when I take on a new client and they don’t have Analytics installed, or even worse, install it and don’t use it

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The First Thing I Do When Setting Up Clients Up On Google Analytics

tracking internal site search in google analytics

Updated 12/6/2015 Tracking internal searches can lead to a goldmine of data that can help you convert more, plus it also heightens the customer experience if you act upon your findings. Internal search tracking is easy to implement in Google

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