About Rick Eliason

This blog is my labour of love. My creative outlet. My testing ground. It doesn’t put food on the table but it feeds my joy…

We all have a story to tell. Here’s mine…

I spent most of my teens and early twenties trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my professional life. Thinking “being a website designer would be cool” I started building sites for myself and small businesses who showed an interest.

Disheartened by the fact none of these sites attracted any meaningful traffic, I endeavoured to find the answer…

Quite by accident I fell into the world of SEO and haven’t looked back. Since then my curiosity has led me into conversion optimisation, social media marketing and Google Plus.

Outside of digital marketing, I am curious about the world and aim to walk on all continents and swim in all oceans in my lifetime (and if I can snowboard and surf them, all the better). I usually have a camera of some sort with me but am an amateur at best – something I’ll be working on over the next few years. Want to know what I’m really about? Check out my bucket list.

If I could pack up my laptop & guitar and hit the road on a motorbike/VW campervan I’d seriously consider it, but right now I’m happy commuting to London each day and planning a wedding at weekends.

Available for article contributions, quotes, guest blogs and interviews.

About rickeliason.com

I have decided to create this site as almost ‘virtual storage’ for my ideas and thoughts on the fast paced world of SEO and digital marketing. My memory has never been fantastic but with so much to take in on an everyday basis it has felt particularly pushed to the limits in recent years. I find that often my ideas are confined to the tip of my tongue or the stockpiled cavities of my un-organised brain, just out of reach when I need them. Despite my futile attempts rummaging around with a torch they evade me, only to inevitably spring up at the most inopportune moment.

So anyway, this is a somewhat round-about way of saying this site is a dumping ground for all my thoughts and ideas on the subject(s), both initial ramblings and fully-formed, coherent arguments. I hope that you too find it useful.

I work full-time as an SEO consultant for Reload Digital but also offer bespoke freelance services in my spare time.

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